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The most significant aspect of the Thanksgiving celebration is the games. It’s fully prepared and ready for Thanksgiving festivities. So, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest Happy Thanksgiving games ideas. In the United States, Thanksgiving Day is a highly significant day. The majority of individuals spend the day with their family and friends. Sending greetings and making delectable delicacies, as well as dancing and playing games, are all part of the festivities. After or before the Thanksgiving feast or lunch, kids and adults alike enjoy games. With these entertaining Thanksgiving activities that the whole family can play, keeping you and your kids occupied before dinner will be a snap.

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If you become bored at the party and want to pass the time, games can be introduced. There are several games to choose from. Musical chair, pop culture matching game, New Year’s Trivia, Celebrity game, Play it by ear, and people bingo are some of the most popular games. Another method to make the gathering more enjoyable is to play games. Thanksgiving games should be enjoyable to individuals of all ages and demographics.

Organizing a game or two for your Thanksgiving dinner is a fantastic way to start everyone socializing and breaking the ice. Here are some Thanksgiving party games that don’t take many supplies or preparation and will provide you with plenty of laughs for the rest of the year.

Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation Starters

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 During the actual feast, we play one of my favorite Thanksgiving games that we play every year. We take turns sharing our Thanksgiving memories and gratitude using free, printable conversation starter cards. There are 20 beautifully constructed free conversation starters here, with questions like “What would an ideal day look like for you?” and “What food are you most thankful for?” Simply set the stack of cards on the Thanksgiving table or in a beautiful vase or bowl. These free printable Thanksgiving meal conversation starters go well with this package of free printables, which also includes water bottle labels, napkin rings, place cards, food tents, cupcake circles, cards, and a banner.

Turkey Tag

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A game of tag is practically a must at every Thanksgiving gathering, and these DIY turkey tag clothespins make it much more entertaining. 

Allow the children to paint and decorate clothespins to resemble turkeys. 

They’ll be ready for a fun game of tag after they’ve attached them to the backs of their shirts. Don’t limit the enjoyment to the kids; this is a terrific Thanksgiving game for the whole family.

Thanksgiving Pictionary for Kids

Pictionary is a fun game for kids and adults of all ages, and this version incorporates terms like turkey, leaf, Autumn, and scarecrow to make it a Thanksgiving-themed game. I Dig Pinterest painted craft sticks and used them as feathers inside a turkey-themed mason jar, which is wonderful.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Let’s Get Together’s printable Gratitude Scavenger Hunt will have everyone scurrying to locate anything that smells great, has words on it, makes me giggle, and so on. Although this was intended to be a picture scavenger hunt, having the visitors just write down their answers on the sheet would work just as well.

Turkey Waddle

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Turkey Waddle is a funny and entertaining Thanksgiving game that will get everyone in the family moving. This is a relay event in which you strive to get to the finish line first by using balloons between your legs. It will undoubtedly generate some laughter, and both children and adults will enjoy it.

Turkey Trivia

If you’re having problems getting everyone off the sofa this Thanksgiving, this turkey quiz game could be just what you need. It’s a Thanksgiving-themed multiple-choice trivia game that even has a clever way to tie a pencil to the quiz cards.

Turkey Feathers

Turkey Feathers is a fantastic Thanksgiving game for kids created by The Idea Room. The kids take turns rolling the dice and putting a “feather” on the number they get. The winner is the first individual to get all of their feathers on their bird.

Turkey Hunt

Bloom Designs’ Turkey Hunt is an active Thanksgiving game that functions similarly to a scavenger hunt. Guests will sprint around the yard or home in an attempt to locate the numbered turkeys. The winner is the first person to find all 12 turkeys.

Family Photographer Game

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Kids enjoy taking photographs, and they’ll enjoy being in command of the camera in this Thanksgiving game. The children will give clues about their relatives and then receive photographs of the people who fit the clue. It’s a fantastic way to get the kids to mingle, and you’ll have photographs to treasure for a lifetime. There are also several choices for making this game more difficult for older children.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving bingo cards from Crazy Little Projects feature colorful images of pilgrims, acorns, trees, pies, turkeys, and more. Eight distinct bingo cards and matching calling cards are included in this free printable Thanksgiving game. For the bingo game, you may use anything as markers, although candy corn would be a great touch.

Family Reunion Game

This is a simple Thanksgiving game in which the entire family may take part. Have everyone write a paragraph about themselves either before or after they arrive. Have a reader read everyone’s paragraphs while the other guests try to figure out who wrote what.

Spin-the-Pie Game

Allow visitors to spin to reveal six slices of life (Family, Friends, Travel, Home, Pets, Work), each of which is meant to evoke a fond memory. To make it, divide a paper plate into six parts and write prompts in each. Remove one “slice” for the category window and cut a smaller circle from colored craft paper. Using a gold brad, secure the wheel to the plate. Apply hot glue to the jute rope to secure it to the rim. The stencil lettering is on the wall. (Try “Lattice Give Thanks…” for Thanksgiving.)

Pumpkin Checkers

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Burnt orange craft paint 32 squares on a big (approximately 30-inch) wood board. As game pieces, use small white and orange pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Family Feud

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This Family Feud game will determine who knows the most about the holidays! To make setting together with this Thanksgiving game even easier, the instruction contains questions and answers.

Feed Turkey

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This easy-to-make and even easier-to-play pom-pom game can keep your child occupied while you get to work in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving Charades

This classic game with a Thanksgiving twist is open to everyone. 

It also includes free printouts, so all you have to do now is have fun!

Family Photographer Scavenger Hunt

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Challenge the youngsters to a treasure hunt with challenging clues to collect photographs of family members and holiday-themed things throughout the day.

Traffic Yam Thanksgiving Race

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Take a yam (or a sweet potato) and race each other to see who can roll it to the finish line first. It’s a lot more difficult than it appears!

Gratitude Game

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This thankfulness game is great for Thanksgiving since it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on what you’re grateful for. This unique take on pick-up sticks may be made using any of the categories.

Make-Your-Own Turkey

This sticker package allows children to make their turkeys. 

Apply on construction or craft paper, or let kids use their work to adorn pumpkins.

What’s on Your Phone?

You might even be able to get the teens to participate in this game! 

Everyone with a phone should print out a checklist, and they can get points for selfies, social media postings, memes, and more.

Thanksgiving “Would you Rather” Questions

This game asks a series of questions, such as “Would you rather spend Thanksgiving weekend without football or shopping?” to play at the dinner table once everything is cleaned, or to pass the time on your yearly road trip to Grandma’s. You’ll leave knowing more about your family than you ever did before.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble

While you finish up in the kitchen, keep the youngsters (and perhaps Uncle Ed!) occupied with this printable word scramble.

Roll A Turkey Dice Game

Get some dice and print out this entertaining game for people of all ages. 

Whoever finishes their turkey first is the winner!

Turkey Leg Wrap

Turkey legs are almost certainly on your Thanksgiving dinner table, and now they can join in the festivities as well. In this game, players have one minute to wrap their partner in burlap and a chef’s hat.

DIY Confetti-Stuffed Turkey Piñata

This confetti-filled turkey piata is perfect for Thanksgiving as a centerpiece for the kids’ table as well as a post-feast activity. 

Fill the container with tiny candies and confetti.

Pin the Feather on Turkey

You have two options for setting up this game: make your own Thanksgiving turkey out of construction paper or buy a comparable replica.

Guess How Many?

In the center of the kids’ table, place a glass jar or vase filled with candy corn, and have your youngest guests write down how many sweets they think the container holds. The youngster who gets the closest guess to the correct number is the “winner.” This one will undoubtedly spark conversation and keep them amused all night.

Turkey Scavenger Hunt

This isn’t a scavenger hunt! Make a turkey-themed scavenger hunt for your kids in your garden with these entertaining printables. They’ll earn a little gift if they can locate all 12 turkeys.

Thanksgiving Pictionary

With this simple craft, you can make your turkey-tastic version of the popular game.

Thanksgiving Turkey Trivia

This quiz game is ideal for passing the time between courses during Thanksgiving dinner or later in the evening while enjoying your dessert buffet.

Face the Pie

Participants race to discover the sweet letters hidden in their whipped-cream-covered plates and then use them to spell out “pie” without using their hands in this messy game.

Turkey Bowling

Toss as many tiny pumpkins as you can at the turkeys!

Scarecrow Bean Bag Toss Game

With this festive scarecrow set, play a game of bean bag throw outside.

Thanksgiving Turkey Tag

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This festive activity combines an easy Thanksgiving craft with a game, offering the kids double the excitement and keeping them engaged for longer. Say welcome to a little peace in the kitchen!

Autumn Tic-Tac-Toe

This classic game gets an autumn makeover. All you’ll need are two different colored tiny pumpkins.

Stuff Turkey

While you’re stuffing the bird inside, the kids may have fun outside playing this game.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

The youngsters will work up an appetite by looking for turkeys and pumpkins all around the place.

DIY Pumpkin Twister Game

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Is there any other way to make Twister more enjoyable? 

Pumpkins should be added!

Thanksgiving Turkey Baster Relay

This is a great activity for the kids at the party.

Turkey Balloon Rockets

These turkeys will delight the kids as they fly across the room!

Thanksgiving Mad Lib for Kids

Print a few for the kids’ table during Thanksgiving—it’ll keep them entertained until dessert.

These Thanksgiving activities for kids and families are a fantastic way to liven up a traditionally stodgy Thanksgiving meal. There’s a good variety of Thanksgiving games here; some need the kids to run around and be active, while others are perfect for sitting around and relaxing, and yet others will leave everyone gasping for air from laughter. Of course, the kids will like these Thanksgiving games, but you’ll discover that they’re a favorite with the entire family. After all, we all have a child inside of us, and the holidays are the perfect time to let it out. 

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