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9 Tips For A Happy Healthy Thanksgiving

Thepsp Team wishes you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! It’s perfectly OK if you don’t eat Pritikin-perfect. Don’t be concerned! Take advantage of the day. Your health is determined by how you eat the other 364 days of the year, not by how you eat on Thanksgiving Day. Here are nine suggestions for making your special day healthy.

happy healthy thanksgiving

Eat Breakfast

Start your Thanksgiving off right with a substantial breakfast of heated whole grains and a veggie-packed egg white omelet. Saving calories for the big dinner is rarely a good idea. When you consume too many bellies, say a ladleful of sauce (around 800 calories!) instead of a tablespoon, you end up “spending” a lot more (70 calories).

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Pitch In

“I’d want to bring anything,” call your host and say. What are your plans for serving? Offer to get your version of any of the dishes if you believe them to be particularly harmful. Sweet potatoes, for example, with their butter, syrup, and marshmallows, maybe a real killer. They are, however, completely nutritious and tasty when made according to Pritikin’s instructions.

Cook the yams in foil at 400 degrees F for approximately an hour, or until their syrupy juices begin to escape. Then peel them and arrange pineapple slices and a pinch of cinnamon on top.

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A salad/side dish that is usually popular among visitors at Pritikin Spa is the Sweet Potato and Apple Salad, which is another excellent sweet potato style alternative for the turkey celebration.

Know Yourself

The majority of us have issues with a certain aspect of the meal. It’s alcohol for some. Others may consider it a dessert.

Make a strategy. Say to yourself, “I’ll have half a glass of wine with appetizers and half a glass with dinner,” or “I’ll start with mineral water and save the alcohol for the main course.”

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Alternatively, if you have difficulties breaking once you begin, don’t begin. Skip the bar and take advantage of everything the day has to offer: excellent conversation, amazing food, and wonderful memories.

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Plan if you have a sweet craving. Take it if you’re happy with the flavor of chocolate. Take pleasure in it. Offer to bring your healthy dessert, such as fresh raspberries and sherbet, if a sample makes you want more. Alternatively, when you come home, there will be a dessert waiting for you. This is a fantastic prize for a job well done!

Position Yourself Well

Sitting in front of the candy dish isn’t enough. Who wants to go through the pain? Place yourself somewhere else, surrounded by other delights such as a blazing log fire, warm smiles, fantastic music, and a dance floor. In the morning, you’ll have a much better time and love yourself a lot more.

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Divide Your Plate Well

Fill your plate halfway with veggies, a quarter of white turkey meat, and the remainder of your plate with a nutritious carbohydrate like corn on the cob, baked potato, or potatoes, as taught by the Pritikin Longevity Center. Pritikin finds it delightful.

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Savor Every Bite

Slowly chew, putting your fork down in between mouthful, and appreciate each one. It’s one of the simplest ways to savor your holiday dinner without packing on the pounds.

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Do What You Want; No One’s Watching

People frequently believe that if they say “no” to particular dishes, everyone would notice or the host will be offended, while in reality, no one will notice and the odds are great. Just have fun with it. Simply respond, “Thank you, but I’m full” or “Try me later.” Then relax and enjoy the remainder of your Thanksgiving holiday.

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Start Thanksgiving With Physical Activity – And Stay Active

Stop obsessing over your Thanksgiving feast. Get outside and breathe in the crisp autumn air.

Early in the day, go for a stroll. After dinner, I recommend that everyone go for a stroll around the neighborhood (weather permitting)—what a great way for families to spend their holidays together.

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Healthy Thanksgiving

Another suggestion is to schedule some outdoor activities with the kids before suppers, such as soccer or volleyball. (It’s also a good way to stay away from the appetizer buffet.)

Keep Your Goals Firmly In Mind

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Healthy Thanksgiving

Before you go to the party, take some time to focus on yourself, only you. Take a few deep breaths and recall your ultimate goal: to be healthier, smaller, and happier. Then tell yourself, “It’s going to be a fantastic night out with friends and family!” “Life is the good frenzy,” Julia Child, of all people, expressed it best.

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