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Non Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Want to arrange your Thanksgiving, but you do not wish to repeat identical or traditional recipes? Additionally, you’re busy together with your household affairs and expect the meal to be unique. The simplest solution is to travel for a non-traditional method and create creative things rather than follow the tradition. Provides a different but unique Thanksgiving which will be memorable. So, try these non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas for your help!

However, creative cooking takes it slow that may confuse your household. Show your best that you can handle dinner and housework with unique recipes. These non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas will facilitate the run of your business by providing special dishes. So, make preparations to dive into these recipes;

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Breast

unconventional thanksgiving dinner

If your Thanksgiving table is slated for a smaller crowd this year, you may not want to roast a complete bird. That’s where the bacon-wrapped turkey breast comes in.

Stuffing it with a combination of creamy wild rice and wrapping it in bacon has all the niceties of a brand new Thanksgiving twist made so deliciously.

Cornbread Stuffing Muffins

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Create the right serving size for everybody with a stuffing made of cornbread shaped into muffins. The key is to feature apples and pancetta for a heavenly taste that everybody is craving.

Creamy Cheesy Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

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No one will ever complain about eating Brussels sprouts with that sublime edge again. Perfect for Thanksgiving, it takes an oft-overlooked vegetable and puts it front and center with a creamy cheese sauce and crispy bacon.

Mashed Potato Casserole

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Yes, mashed potatoes and gravy are a classic Thanksgiving dish, but you may want to create room for a casserole of mashed potatoes instead. Melted cheese, crispy bacon, and chives move for an easy-to-make-ahead dish your family will love.

Thanksgiving Cauliflower

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Trying to chop down on carbs but don’t need to miss out on the gravy? Thanksgiving cauliflower to the rescue! This delicious dish includes rosemary, sage, and sauce, which will delight you from the primary bite.

Oyster Sausage Stuffing

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Were you tired of the identical old stuffing recipe? Once you prepare it with fresh oysters and sausages, it is a special treat that takes on the normal and provides a seaside touch.

The distinctive flavors of land and sea truly blend in an exceedingly way that elegantly complements your meal.

Pumpkin and Potato Gratin

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Pumpkin and Potato Gratin could be a fantastic new Thanksgiving dish to undertake. Cheesy potato casserole with slightly of pumpkin too. You want to try this!

Have you ever tried the pumpkin and potato gratin? It’s still gooey and cheesy like your typical potato gratin recipe, but with a touch of pumpkin, perfect for the autumn season.

Whether you are making it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or simply during the week, it is an excellent twist on traditionally cooked potatoes.

Cranberry Pomegranate Baked Brie

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Pomegranate Cranberry Baked Brie is a straightforward and straightforward holy celebration, festival, or meal. It’s a good presentation that is straightforward to arrange. This Thanksgiving recipe is clear, accessible, perfect, and fun.

It tastes like heaven and is that the highlight of the show, thanks to its presentation. The delicious taste of condiments with pomegranate and pie makes the dish tasty and mind-blowing.

The recipe is straightforward to arrange because it takes about a quarter-hour. You’ll make this recipe for Thanksgiving, and your guests will find it irresistible.

Mini Carrot Dogs In A Blanket

Mini Carrot Dogs are super easy, and also, the carrots will taste amazing when cooked within the roast. However, this taste is thanks to the seasonings it contains.

Although the carrots are marinating with the right ingredients, they’ll taste rich and flavorful. You’ll serve them for your vacation or as a Thanksgiving dish as an appetizer.

These carrot dogs are better than traditional pig carrots. It’s a straightforward recipe with delicious carrots within the cover.

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

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Besides the sweet potatoes loaded with sugar or marshmallows, you’ll do this twice-baked sweet potato. These have the proper balance of sweetness, and it’s perfect for you if you do not like marshmallow-laden sweet potatoes. It’s the natural sweetness of potatoes that creates them delicious with great flavor.

Instead of marshmallows, they’re cramming with broccoli salad and cream, making the flavor super delicious. Plus, baked sweet potatoes are best for Thanksgiving because they’re healthy, delicious, and fresh to eat.

Butternut Squash Casserole

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non-traditional Thanksgiving

Butternut squash casserole may be a vegan Thanksgiving recipe that your guests will like to eat. The cubes of squash are creamy, which supplies a delicious taste to the current formula.

The recipe color is thanks to onions and dried cranberries that give extra flavor there too. The bread employed in this recipe will soak the flavors and can not feel awkward during this recipe.

However, garlic utilized in it’ll sharpen the taste of the squash casserole. Moreover, the vegetable broth will add moisture to the recipe. It’ll take it slow to cook and be able to eat.

Homemade Cornbread Stuffing

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The cornbread stuffing is seasoned with peppers and crammed with a delicious filling. The vegetables during this recipe add flavor and function as a base. The oregano utilized in it eradicates the warmth from the spice.

However, the corn does make the dish a small amount crisp, which makes it fabulous for your Thanksgiving guests. The creamy texture is thanks to the butter adding more flavor. Additionally, it’ll take time to cook.

Creamed Spinach

The creamy spinach recipe is simple to cook and works best for your Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a healthy recipe with a fresh and delicious taste that will bring comfort to you and your guests.

Since this is often a simple recipe, cooking will take about a quarter-hour. It’s was making with spinach, butter and cheese, which can make your dish buttery and delicious. However, frozen spinach maybe it used, but fresh spinach is more recommended.

Fresh spinach will make it feel shiny and delicious. You’ll use coconut milk rather than cream within the recipe to feature extra flavor to your recipe.

Easy Artichoke Gratin

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Artichoke gratin may be a quick, easy, and ideal dish for your Thanksgiving dinner. The recipe is loaded with cheese to convey a delicious taste. Your guests will love this recipe on the table.

It is the tastiest six ingredients recipe that will make your day. Sometimes you wish for a fast recipe with cheesy, delicious taste thanks to a shortage of your time. You’ll make this recipe for your Thanksgiving dinner.

However, you have got to avoid the canned artichoke but prefer the jarred artichoke.

Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

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Creamy roasted pumpkin soup is so creamy and healthy with its buttery texture. It’s a lightweight spice, but its taste flavors the foremost.

You can use it as a welcome recipe for your Thanksgiving dinner. It’s easy to cook and delicious enough to create your guests happy.

This soup requires some basic ingredients that make it delicious. It’s a fresh and satisfying recipe that will give the buttery texture and taste.

Rosemary Bacon Mushroom Stuffing

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The bacon during this recipe is cooked and provides a pleasant crispy texture. It’ll add flavor to the recipe and make it delicious due to its crispness.

Mushrooms will add extra flavor to your recipe. Its taste resembles meat to enjoy the taste of your meal. These are juicy, chewy and also bring sweetness.

However, this can be not a straightforward recipe. It’ll take a protracted time for its preparation and cooking.

Apple Pie Shot

non traditional thanksgiving dinner ideas

Apple Pie Shot may be a perfect fall drink that you can serve to your guests at Thanksgiving dinner. The taste of this cocktail resembles that of a pie. Fall drinks are perfect because they warm you up and luxury you with a superb taste.

However, it is easy to try and do, and you’ll be able to make your guests happy in no time. If you’re having a Thanksgiving dinner within the winter, you need to try it.

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Medallions

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Medallions are a simple recipe you’ll play your Thanksgiving dinner. If you serve it at your party, it’ll be the fanciest thing.

It is a good and attractive dish for your party. It just depends on the standard of the ingredients. Some quality ingredients are enough to form the recipe delicious and fresh.

However, it consists of just four ingredients that make it a tasty and fantastic dinner recipe for your Thanksgiving. It’s a simple recipe with less expense.

Mushroom Cream Gravy Sauce

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The mushroom white sauce is rich, creamy and tastes fabulous that may melt in your mouth. It’s loaded with mushrooms, thus improving the standard and taste. The cream and mushroom combo makes it delicious enough to melt in your mouth.

It is easy to cook because it takes about 20 minutes to cook. You’ll eat it with chicken, pork, or pasta.

The sauce has the versatile characteristic that it will be serving with a range of things. You’ll choose for your dinner. Your guests will adore it for its fleshy and creamy texture.

Sweet Potato Rolls

non-traditional thanksgiving ideas

Do you want light and healthy foods as a Thanksgiving meal? You’ll cook this recipe for a light dinner. It’s a mellow, soft texture that pulls others to that.

You can make this recipe for those that wish to have a light dinner. It may show your concern for every guest. With other recipes, you’ll add them and have a decent time.

A luxurious orange color is adding to that for the color of the feel. The addition of sweet potatoes makes them naturally sweet and have a creamy taste. The buns will melt in your mouth, and you’ll find it irresistible.

Potato Gratin

what time is thanksgiving dinner

Potato gratin could be a simple entrepot for your Thanksgiving dinner, and you’ll be able to serve it with any meal. This perfect dish is delicious and fabulous.

The potatoes are baking within the oven with cream, milk, cheese, garlic and thyme. The feel is so creamy that you can’t deny having eaten this delicious recipe. The highest is golden brown which makes it a small amount crisp, adding flavor to the dish.

However, there are such a large amount of dishes you’ll be able to serve it for. It can be a straightforward recipe that you will like to cook.

Sweet Potato Cupcakes with Toasted Marshmallow Frosting

non traditional thanksgiving

These sweet potato cupcakes are chewy, naturally sweet, and delicious with marshmallow frosting. This fluffy frosting is extremely delicious, making your cupcakes perfect.

These are fantastic cupcakes for your Thanksgiving. You’ll enjoy them along with your guests.

It is a simple recipe for sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes incorporated into cupcakes make them more delicious and healthy. The chewy texture is mouthwatering, and you cannot deny eating it.

Butter Pecan Cheesecake

non-traditional thanksgiving meals

Butter bean cheesecake made with roasted pecans and butter. It’s an easy and simple recipe with a delicious taste. You’ll like to cook it, and it’ll offer you a delicious cheesecake.

Pecans and butter are the proper combinations that make this dessert the foremost asked for. You’ll be able to enjoy the taste of toasted pecans with a creamy cheesecake. The chewy and crunchy texture will cause you to have it as your dinner menu.

The most wanted, simple, easy cheesecake with the buttery nature of pecans makes it delicious. Your guests will love the recipe.

Upside Down Pumpkin Cake

non traditional thanksgiving
non-traditional Thanksgiving

The upside-down pumpkin cake is straightforward, easy, and delicious that your guests will love. You’ll be able to choose it as a menu item for your Thanksgiving dinner. It’s so tasty that your guests will love the recipe and raise its ingredients.

However, it’s a bottom and top pie with a crisp, buttery cake crust. The ingredients are common, and therefore the recipe is super easy.

Cornbread Sausage Stuffing Muffins

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These are chewy cornbread muffins that are stuffing with different ingredients. It’s a combination of two different worlds.

You can taste the soft muffins with the taste of the stuffing. The stuffing will be sausage, onion or celery.

The chewy exterior texture with the crispy interior makes the muffins more delicious. Must try it for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Vegan Pumpkin Basil Pinwheels

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Do you want quick and straightforward snacks for your Thanksgiving dinner? You’ll be able to follow this recipe because they’re delicious, easy to arrange, and contain only four ingredients.

Vegan Pumpkin and Basil Windmills are super delicious because they’re crispy on the skin and chewy on the within.

Since it’s a simple recipe, you’ll prepare it for your guests at a celebration or dinner. They’re going to love this snake and find it comfortable.

Spinach-Mushroom Polenta Stuffing

thanksgiving dinner ideas
non-traditional Thanksgiving

Thanks to its texture and ingredients, it’s the perfect Thanksgiving dinner dish because it can appeal to omnivores and vegans. It’s a gluten-free and delicious dish. You would like to double the quantity because it’ll quickly disappear from the table.

However, mushrooms taste like meat and are healthy. You ought to choose it first to inspire your guests with this easy recipe.

Thanksgiving dinners are typical, and the dishes sway the guests. does one want to inspire your guests with non-traditional dishes? Next, you would like to decide on your required non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

We’re here to assist in making your feast fabulous. So you’ll be able to approach whatever recipe you wish quickly.

However, you have got read the descriptions of non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas. You’ll be able to choose the recipe that suits you the foremost easily. Enjoy your meal along with your guests.

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