Yankees Greatest Sin Is Not Failing To Win The World Series

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Since the Yankees haven’t won a title since 2009, that fact is frequently used as a stick with which to criticize Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, and the way the team is run.

But winning titles is challenging. The latest model organizations have been the Astros and Dodgers. The Dodgers have only won one World Series since 1988, a year with a 60-game regular season and a pandemic. The Astros have only ever won one World Series, which they did in 2017, the year they were fined for stealing signs.

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Yankees manager Aaron Boone reacts to an umpire’s call during a game against the Twins on Sept. 8, 2022.

Short series increases the risk of unpredictable outcomes and inconsistent outcomes. Only twice in the 2000s’ 22 World Series did the teams with the best records in each league face up, and that time was in the 2020 short season between the Dodgers and Rays.

Just consider the current year. The Dodgers, who are on track to finish with 111 victories, dropped both of their series against the Pirates, including a three-game sweep at home. The two weakest clubs in the National League, Pittsburgh, and Washington have a combined record of 4-8 against them.

However, they are progressing toward those 111 victories and, more significantly, their ninth NL West crown in the previous ten years. And when they failed to win it the previous season, it took the Giants reaching 107 victories to defeat the Dodgers’ 106.

The Astros are en route to winning the AL West for the sixth time in the previous six seasons. To win the NL East division for a fifth consecutive season, the Braves must pass the Mets.

Of course, the ultimate aim is to win a championship. The Yankees have only won one of the last nine AL East championships, which is a worse baseball sin when it comes to assessing team/roster building. The 162 games are a truth serum, after all. Over six months, you can lose a series to the Pirates or Nationals, but quality always triumphs over number. A big part of that fact is whether you justified expanding your front office to NASA space launch dimensions, as the Yankees did with their large budget.

This conversation also includes the Mets. Since 1986, they have only won two World Series. The fact that they have only won six division crowns, never in back-to-back seasons, and just once in the same decade is even more astounding, at least to me (1986, 1988).

Even Aaron Boone agreed that the 162 contests were “the genuine gauge” of the top clubs.

Boone presently holds the sixth-best winning percentage (.601) among managers who have overseen at least 600 games, although, in his first four seasons with the Yankees, he only managed to capture one division championship.

This partially reflects the power of the AL East, where four teams won 90 or more games last year, and three are projected to advance this year.

Kevin Cash, the manager of the Rays, stated that the World Series champion is the greatest club, but gave extra credit to the AL East champion because of the division’s nearly yearly depth. Over the past nine years, every member has triumphed in the division. The Red Sox are on the verge of finishing last for the fourth time in that span and the fifth time in 11 seasons, despite having won it the most — four times.

After troubling setbacks on Friday night, the Mets and Yankees made crucial progress toward clinching division championships over the Florida clubs over the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, the Mets defeated the Marlins by a combined score of 20-6, while the Yankees defeated the Rays by a combined score of 20-7. On Friday night, the Mets lost their lead in the standings for the first time since April 12 before reclaiming it throughout the weekend. The Yankees’ advantage was just two coming into their loss on Friday, the lowest since May 9, before it grew to 5 1/2 going into their Monday off-day.

The Yankees missed a chance to pass the Astros for the AL’s top slot as well as a more comfortable approach to reintroduce their plethora of injured players to the active roster by squandering so much of what had been a 15 1/2-game lead. Even yet, winning the division would be enormous, and not only because it would almost certainly guarantee the No. 2 seed and save the team an unpredictable best-of-three first-round encounter.

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Between the end of the regular season on October 5 and the start of the Division Series on October 11, there may be enough time for Andrew Benintendi and (on the off chance) Matt Carpenter to recover from injuries in time for the postseason. Naturally, it would also enable the Yankees to customize the pitching for their Division Series.

The Mets’ hopes of winning a title are based on getting the most out of their pitchers Max Scherzer and Jacob deGrom. DeGrom and Scherzer would only be useful once each as starters in a best-of-five Division Series, and not until Game 2 at the earliest, if the Mets finish behind the Braves. Instead, if healthy, they would start Games 1 and 2 in the wild-card round on October 7-8.

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