15 Restaurants Open on Labor Day 2022

The majority of sites will be open if you're in the area and are wanting decent food, however, hours may be restricted.


On Labor Day, Bob Evans restaurants will be open.

Bob Evans

If you're wanting seafood over the Labor Day weekend, Bonefish Grill locations will be open, so you're in luck.

Bonefish Grill

On Labor Day, Boston Market stores will be open.

Boston Market

Fans of the Whopper, rejoice! On Labor Day, Burger King restaurants will be open.

Burger King

On Labor Day, Chick-fil-A restaurants are open, though some may have shortened hours.


Through the weekend of Labor Day, Denny's restaurants will be open.


IHOP locations will be open on Labor Day; swing by for a delicious stack of flapjacks to cap off a fantastic Labor Day weekend.


On Labor Day, how about some fried chicken? Good news: KFC restaurants will be open on Labor Day, so you can grab a tasty bucket there.


The majority of McDonald's restaurants will be open on Labor Day, while some may have shortened hours.


You may visit Olive Garden on Labor Day, however certain locations may have fewer hours than others.

Olive Garden

On Labor Day, the majority of Panera Bread locations will be open.

Panera Bread

Stop in for a seafood entrée on Labor Day as Red Lobster stores will be open.

Red Lobster

On Labor Day, Ruby Tuesday eateries are normally open.

Ruby Tuesday

You can get your coffee fixed on Labor Day, so don't worry. On Labor Day, Starbucks shops will be open, however, some may only be open for a short time.