Liz Truss Urged To Facing Biggest Loss Of Sports Facilities

Liz Truss Urged To Facing Biggest Loss Of Sports Facilities

“My group is well aware of the wide range of challenges facing the new government,” Bernstein told The Telegraph.

“However the reform and governance of football is an issue that commands considerable support across the nation. 

Accordingly, we submitted a letter to both leadership candidates seeking reassurance there will be no back-tracking on current government policy.”

Telegraph Sport understands Premier League clubs will meet this Friday to finalize details on their “New Deal for Football”. 

The Football Association also wants Truss to honor Boris Johnson’s pledge to provide £550 million to improve grass-roots facilities. 

There has been a huge spike in demand for women’s football following the final of Euro 2022 when more than 20 million people watched the Lionesses triumph at Wembley. 

Carolyn Harris, chair of the all-party parliamentary group on gambling-related harm, told Telegraph Sport: 

“The gambling white paper is completely ready, having been through the cabinet twice. The incoming PM must expedite this reforming white paper as a matter of urgency. 

It has taken far too long already.”  The Youth Sports Trust wants Truss’s government to “halt the squeeze of PE” and ensure that schools deliver at least two hours a week. 

They are also calling for funding to help children from poorer backgrounds access more after-school sports and make facilities increasingly available outside the usual school day. 

It is now almost three years since the University of Glasgow proved the link between football and dementia, with former players 3.5 times more likely to die of the disease. 

A parliamentary committee has since accused the Health and Safety Executive of a “dereliction of duty” for appearing to delegate risk management to independent sports governing bodies. 

“What is astounding is that when it comes to reducing the risks of brain injury, the sport has been allowed to mark its homework,” said Julian Knight, the chair of the DCMS committee.