Labor Day 2022 ! When is Labor Day 2022?

Labor Day and International Workers' Day, which fall on May 1, are associated with many nations. 

An annual holiday called Labor Day honors the economic and social contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and welfare of the nation.

Labor Day is a federal holiday celebrated in the US on the first Monday in September. Although school start times may now vary,  

Labor Day is traditionally seen as marking the end of the summer vacation season in the United States.

The eight-hour day movement, which promoted a schedule of eight hours for work, eight hours for play, and eight hours for rest, is largely responsible for the origins of Labor Day.

The first Labor Day holiday was observed in the United States on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City.

The concept spread as labor organizations grew, and in 1885 Labor Day was observed in many of the nation's industrial hubs.

On February 21, 1887, Oregon became the first state to declare it a holiday. Thirty states had adopted the holiday by the time it was made a federal holiday in 1894.