D’Angelo Russell Responds To Nick Young’s Boxing Proposal

D’Angelo Russell Responds To Nick Young’s Boxing Proposal

By reigniting their old feud, Nick Young and D'Angelo Russell are doing the exact opposite of helping nature.

This week, when he specifically referenced Russell and stated that he would like to engage in combat with Russell, 

The retired former NBA swingman Young fired the opening salvo. Russell, a player with the Minnesota Timberwolves, responded to Young on Saturday.

Russell tweeted, "My name keeps [s] guy relevant, and I'm going to grave with 'I ain't do that a-t'" (profanity edited by LBS).

Russell didn't name Young directly, but it was quite obvious that he was making a subtweet about his former Los Angeles Laker's colleague.

Although the incident occurred in 2016, Young has not yet forgiven Russell for making public his cheating scandal.

Young confessed to cheating on his former fiancée Iggy Azalea in a covert video that Russell secretly recorded.

Russell, however, seems to be implying that the video release was not his fault in this statement.

Young has repeatedly brought up the subject over the past few years, so Russell likely felt that he had to eventually reply.