Chris Hemsworth said it was particularly hard to get ripped for “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

He played Thor in every “Thor” film released since 2011 and voiced the character in “Loki” and “What If.”

He was required to get bigger than he’d ever been for any “Thor” film.

He ate and trained for a long time and blamed it on boredom caused by the lockdown.

He has had to gain weight for his previous “Thor” movies and lose it for his characters in other films.

He will return for an unnamed “Thor” film following the ending of “Love and Thunder.”

He doesn’t want to get as big as he got for “Love and Thunder” in the future.

He revealed that his wife Elsa Pataky did not like how ripped he looked for his role in “Love and Thunder.”

Hemsworth has several projects in the works, including “Extraction 2,” “Star Trek 4,” and “Furiosa.”