8 Evil Versions of Batman

8 Evil Versions of Batman


Owlman is from Earth 3 where he’s known as Thomas Jr and has a younger brother named Bruce. In this story, Bruce is killed by Thomas Jr, and eventually, he turns into Owlman.

The Murder Machine

We all know how dark Batman’s past life and childhood are. If you think it can’t get worse than this, then you are wrong. In an alternate reality on Earth 44, Batman also loses his only support, Alfred.

Nazi Batman

A world where Batman is a Nazi sounds scary! Yes, on Earth 10 Batman becomes a Nazi who’s appointed by Hitler.

The Batman Who Laughs

Upon his death, the Joker releases a gas which turns Batman into a version of Joker. This makes Batman act weird and go insane like Joker.

Vampire Batman

In this version, Batman takes on the dark forces of evil vampires. But in the process ends up becoming a Vampire himself.


This story took place when Batman showed trust in Azreal. It was the time when Batman took a beating against Bane and joined forces with Azrael.

Black Lantern Batman

Here Batman’s Zombie version gets the ring of Green Lantern. This mix-up of the Green Lantern / Batman / Zombie version is an interesting one.


In the movie, Bruce Wayne is shown as an intense and aggressive vigilante who gets very hyper and violent in situations.