Tyler Reddick Hints Richard Childress Will Need To Spend an Extra $20 Million if He Wants To Sign Kyle Busch

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Richard Childress Racing is Kyle Busch’s best option out of the several offers on the table. For the NASCAR community, it’s a relief, but not for Tyler Reddick, the #8 driver of RCR, who is unsure of his plans beyond 2023.

The battle for the two-time Cup Series Champion has lasted the entire season. By the end of this season, Busch, the driver of the #18 Toyota, must say goodbye to Joe Gibbs Racing and his maker.

Kyle Busch just tweeted about a September 13 announcement, most likely referring to his future with RCR for the 2023 campaign.

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A statement like this will inevitably spark a lot of inquiries. For instance, “Will Kyle join RCR, will there be a third car? Will RCR purchase, lease, or operate Kyle’s vehicle as an open vehicle? ”

When asked about the Kyle Busch press, Tyler Reddick reportedly responded, “I’ll be there next year.”

As a result of Reddick’s guarantee, RCR will now need to pay $20 million to purchase a charter if it wants to field both Kyle Busch and Tyler Reddick for the upcoming season.

The driver of the #18 car at the moment, Joe Gibbs, made a declaration regarding his future in 2023 that would pave the way for a lot of changes in the years to come.

Reddick, a driver in the NASCAR Cup Series, is nonetheless looking forward to the NASCAR season of 2024.

What will happen to Tyler Reddick in 2024?

What will happen to RCR’s #8 driver in 2023 is still a mystery. But he is secure in his position going into the 2024 campaign.

Tyler Reddick will represent 23XI in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2024, co-owner Denny Hamlin of the team revealed in July.

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The 26-year-talent old’s and career-high five top-five finishes in 2022 convinced 23XI to sign him.

The #8 driver was confident in his plans and stated, “I feel like it’s simply the way my mind works. I’m constantly considering what’s coming next,” Reddick added. “I just believe that it’s critical to always consider both the short- and long-term. Therefore, for me, those wheels just never stopped churning. You see, I’m constantly considering what would be the best course of action given what is ahead in the years to come.

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