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Travis Bickle. Rupert Pupkin. David DePape. We Need A Movie.

Where is Robert De Niro when you need him?

De Niro, who has a way of elevating strange character roles to major parts, created a cottage industry of portraying the kind of man who has now been accused of assaulting Paul Pelosi, including allegedly There was a plan to take his wife hostage. Nancy, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. (DePape has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and other charges.)

sell in taxi driver (1976), Pupkin Inn king of comedy (1982) and Renard Inn the fan (1996) were perhaps terrifyingly recognizable as an example of a distinctly American type. Marginalized. damaged. more and more isolated. They spiral into very personal obsessions, as noisy pop and political culture erodes their delicate grip on the real.

It was fascinating material, especially because of prolific filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, who directed both taxi driver And king of comedyor Tony Scott, who made the fanHis horror subjects are examined with a kind of chilling empathy that is necessarily lost in the politically swayed media coverage of a dapp.

Reporters are looking for further facts and evidence of motive or effect. But the filmmakers, the good people, come to these sinister people from the inside out, leaving the audience with the terrifying feeling that they, the insane outcasts, are our own fault – they are the inevitable result of a society that seeks fame and public interest. does a lot of business. play.

It has nothing to do with party politics. Twist the screw once or twice, and any fragile psyche can crack, producing the next “D-FNS”, played by William Foster, the defense engineer, Michael Douglas, who wreaked havoc in Los Angeles, and on the news cycle. monopolized. Joel Schumacher’s fall down (1993).

Frankly, it’s disappointing to see Rob Reiner as talented as a popular director return to Twitter in the wake of the Pelosi attack. On Friday, Rainer declared Donald Trump “100% responsible” for Depp’s actions, and called for the former president’s indictment.

Once Upon a Time (1990), Rainer directed a brilliant film called Suffering, It was about a fan, played by Kathy Bates, who becomes disillusioned with the latest manuscript from a writer she has loved, played by James Cain. He was wounded, and under his control. He broke her leg with David Deppe’s sledgehammer, Shades. Before long, it won an Academy Award for Bates.

We can use something like this now. But it will involve a lot of work. It’s so easy to brag on Twitter.

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