Tory Lanez seemingly confirms that he got into a fight with August Alsina

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Tory Lanez seemingly confirms that he got into a fight with August Alsina, after August didn’t want to shake his hand; August is allegedly salty about Tory saying he wouldn’t snitch on Jada Pinkett’s entanglement as August did

According to reports, Tory Lanez and August Alsina physically fought on Saturday night. According to Gossip Of The City Tea, Tory attempted to shake hands and make friends with August but was unsuccessful.

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August made some disrespectful remarks shortly after, which led to several punches from Tory. August supposedly has a grudge towards Tory for saying that he wouldn’t have leaked information about the Jada Pinkett scandal in public the manner August did.

According to reports, August instructed Tory to maintain her positive attitude while making derogatory remarks. When The Neighborhood Talk approached Tory to confirm that this incident indeed occurred, he provided a heart-shaped response but no other details.

This reported altercation occurs only days after Tory declared that his “Sorry 4 What” album will be released on September 30. There will be a total of 18 tracks on this. This year, Tory has been particularly regular with his music releases, releasing new songs every “Fargo Friday.” “Alone At Prom,” Tory’s most recent release, was made available in December. On the record, he experimented with 80s sounds because his fans admired his flexibility.

Tory Lanez and August Alsina allegedly get into a fight 

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