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46 Best Thanksgiving Nails That’ll Steal the Show This November

Most of us are already in full-on fall mode by the time Thanksgiving Day arrives—comfy sweaters, fuzzy scarves, and all things pumpkin-spiced. Because it’s the holiday season and you’ll be spending time with family and friends, you’ll want to look your best from head to toe and fingertips. Check out these top Thanksgiving nails ideas to make sure your manicure is set for the big day. They range from extremely easy to what the heck?! and are guaranteed to inspire fall manicure designs that will get everyone at the table talking.

There’s something here for everyone’s tastes—funny, flirtatious, fancy, festive, and more—whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro (or intend on enlisting the aid of your manicurist!). The majority of these cute manicure designs have one thing in common: they all use warm Thanksgiving nail colors (think oranges, browns, yellows, and deep reds), so make sure you have them on hand before you start. On the one hand, we’re still fawning over the whole Peanuts cast, which was inspired by A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! Come on, with the small turkeys on each nail. We’ve also included basic designs if you want to make fall nails that are a celebration of the autumnal tones we love so much this time of year.

So use unique Thanksgiving-themed nail designs to take your autumn-inspired appearance to the next level. And why should it end after Thanksgiving? Because the holiday season is right around the horizon, check out Christmas nail art styles for stunning December nails!

Thanksgiving Nails with a Neutral Color Scheme

christmas nail art

A clean manicure is made with a light brown autumn gel varnish. On each hand, a single maple leaf pattern pays homage to the lovely autumn foliage.

Thanksgiving Nails with Fall Foliage

fall nails colors

What could be more fitting for autumn than trees adorned with beautiful foliage? For a genuinely organic appearance, layer them.

Thanksgiving Nails with a Shine

nail art 2021

This November, dress up your nails with a sparkly, glittery, or whimsical color. For fall outings, the metallic finish provides a unique touch.

Gourds and Pumpkins Nails for Thanksgiving

essie nail polish colors

It’s not just pumpkins and gourds in this intricate pattern; it’s plaid pumpkins and gourds! What a way to take it to the next level! After all of that hard work, you’ll want to protect your design with a topcoat.

Thanksgiving Nails with a Twist

autumn nail art

The gold sparkly tips add a unique twist to an otherwise neutral color. This nail paint style is versatile and will see you through the Christmas season.

Thanksgiving Nails in Plaid

pinterest nails

This warm design is ideal for the fall season, with just enough color to make it festive for the holidays. To get the lines straight, you’ll need a steady hand. Before going on to the next color, let the previous one dry.

Thanksgiving Nails with Pastel Colors

glitter nails

This pastel manicure is light and feminine, inspired by the season’s gentler colors.

Thanksgiving Nails with Fall Leaves

nail ideas

The nails for Thanksgiving don’t have to be too complex. For a coherent fall nail design, a simple leaf pattern on the ring finger integrates various polish hues.

Thanksgiving Nails with a Twist

fall nail colors

This fall manicure in orange, brown, purple, green, and yellow is a gorgeous and unusual combination for your Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving Nails with Falling Leaves

nail art images

A delightful manicure design for this time of year is colorful fall foliage on a grayish-blue backdrop. Instead of free handing leaf designs, use nail stamps to get picture-perfect results.

Thanksgiving Nails with a Bang

fall acrylic nails

Dinner-table tension could be deflected by dark, glossy nails (ha!). We offer no guarantees, other than to say that this style is daring and bold, much like discussing politics on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Nails with Acorns

coffin nails

This design is far from a-corny! We like how the dark colors pop on the white background, but for a more subtle look, use a darker base coat as your canvas.

Thanksgiving Nails in Traditional Red

summer nails

This year, keep it simple with a manicure color inspired by cranberries and deep crimson leaves. If you choose with gel, your polish will last far into December.

Nails with Dot Art for Thanksgiving

fall nail art

For an extremely basic yet stunning graphic appearance, paint on polka dots in an ordered arrangement. You can utilize this method all year in any hue after you’ve mastered the art of the dot!

Thanksgiving Nails in Deep Purple

nail designs

Instead of using the traditional warm hues of the season, try a new color for Thanksgiving this year. Make use of nail stencils or stickers to achieve the perfect foliage accents.

Best Nail Art Thanksgiving Designs | Nails For Thanksgiving 2023

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Thanksgiving Cornucopia Nails

fall ombre nails

Paint a full fall harvest scene with gourds, pumpkins, fruits, veggies, and, of course, the symbolic goat’s horn to commemorate the season’s abundance. To make each object stand out, outline it with black and finish with a protective lacquer.

Thanksgiving Nails with Rhinestones

nail designs for summer

To kick off the Christmas season, dress up your fall nails with a little sparkle and glamour. Attach small rhinestones to the base of your nails using manicure adhesive for a touch of additional glam.

Nails with Indian Corn for Thanksgiving

nail art ideas

This nail art is simpler than it appears, and it only requires a little patience. On the solid nails, caviar bead embellishments offer a bit of glitz.

Nails with a Polka Dot Turkey for Thanksgiving

nail file

This manicure design is charming for adolescents, teens, and adults alike, and it looks nice enough to eat.

Thanksgiving Nails with Turkey Feathers

fall nail designs

This basic design—turkey face on a ring-finger accent nail and feather on the rest—stands out thanks to a natural base polish.

Thanksgiving Nails That Are Hilarious

fall nails 2021

This video gives tips and methods for creating the appearance you desire using popular stamping kits accessible online.

Thanksgiving Nails with Glistening Fall Leaves

thanksgiving nail art

Take inspiration from the changing colors of the leaves outdoors. With a nail stamp kit or fall leaves nail appliques, you can get the details exactly perfect. We adore how each nail is unique, ranging from solid to artistic.

Thanksgiving Nails with Gold Leaf

nail art

Allow golden leaves to shine against a rich, fall-colored matte finish. Choose an autumn rainbow or a single color for a more subtle appearance.

Thanksgiving Nails – Give Thanks

fall nail designs 2021

Because the words “give gratitude” are drawn with a microscopic brush, this design requires a steady touch.

Thanksgiving Nails with Marbled Turkey

fall nail designs acrylic nails

Make careful to swirl the paint while it’s still wet to mimic these Thanksgiving nails.

Nails with Peanuts for Thanksgiving

autumn nail designs

The entire gang has arrived! With this famous moment from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, nostalgia—along with a wonderfully steady hand!—takes center stage.

Thanksgiving Nails for Novices

pumpkin nails

This video guide will show you how to make this basic design and the turkey accent nail step by step.

Nails with Peanuts for Thanksgiving

camo nails

It doesn’t get much sweeter than the Peanuts gang from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, one of the finest family Thanksgiving movies ever made. These nails will be extremely popular with your children.

Nails of Turkey

easy fall nail designs

With this colorful and festive manicure, you’ll be ready for the parade. Combine burgundy and off-white nails with a freehand turkey and a sprinkling of bright glitter. And by “combine,” we don’t mean “mix them all,” unless you want to make the worst Turducken ever.

Thanksgiving Nails in Matte Green and Orange Glitter

thanksgiving nail colors

It’s not all hand-drawn turkeys for Thanksgiving nail art, especially if you’re trying to move up from the kids’ table. It might incorporate warm autumn hues like these Magpie Beauty Olive You More and Darling Clementine – ideas for holiday meals that the older kids would enjoy.

Thanksgiving Nail Design Images | Thanksgiving Nail Design Pictures

Girls are picky about their clothes and gowns, and they want to have a variety of alternatives. Each outfit necessitates a distinct set of nail colors. There are several online buying portals available on the internet that provide fantastic Thanksgiving nail art paints for ladies, and you may shop there as well. Girls also want accessories that complement their clothing, which they may readily obtain from a local store. However, if they are unable to get their necessary accessories at these places, it is recommended that all ladies use online shopping portals to discover their ideal clothing and accessories, such as Thanksgiving nail colors.

Skittles Nails in Fall Colors

pumpkin nail art

If deciding on nail paint colors is as difficult as deciding which type of pie to eat, simply do what we do and get one of each! With OPI’s hues, you can easily replicate this fall rainbow: Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants; Have Your Panettone and Eat It Too, and My Italian Is a Little Rusty Now we aim to be a professional color namer for nail polish!

Thanksgiving Nails with Stamped Leaves

thanksgiving nail designs

There’s nothing wrong with refusing to painstakingly paint leaves on your nails. We’d rather use our steady hands to compete in an Operation game with our nieces and nephews. That’s why these stamping plates are lifesavers — but, unfortunately, they didn’t rescue the red-nosed person on the operating table.

Nails with a Thanksgiving Theme

november nails

These abstract and negative space nails may appear to be well designed, but they aren’t. Pick some fall colors and just splatter the paint on. Fake-it-until-you-make-it is the manicure equivalent of fake-it-until-you-make-it. It’s like a father attempting to prepare a turkey.

Thanksgiving Nails with a Twist

fall nails

These Pusheen-inspired Thanksgiving nails are just as cute as a newborn turkey, but not quite as tasty. These are hand-painted, but they may be a great way to start learning how to draw with your hands. A striper brush is all you’ll need.

Nails in the Autumn Forest

christmas nail ideas

These nails are what a Bob Ross manicure might look like. Unfortunately, not all dreams come true, except for the bizarre one about driving down the highway with an octopus in the passenger seat. Anyway, this nail stamping plate, three colors of your choosing (here, honey mustard, mystic forest, and rusty red), and this technique will make your trees happy.

Pumpkin Nails Are Adorable

black and orange nails

These adorable tiny pumpkin nails are ideal if you want to express “Thanksgiving” without going all out. Don’t ask why we’re going cold turkey on a whole turkey.

Thanksgiving Nails with Striped Matte

birthday nails

On this manicure, we adore how the periwinkle contrasts with the usual fall hues. Simply apply some nail tape to create the striped nails, and you’ll appear like an expert during Thanksgiving dinner. Finally, something with which to outshine our obnoxious relative.

Nails with diagonal stripes

nails design

By sporting this simple Thanksgiving nail design, you can focus all of your efforts on what Thanksgiving is truly about: eating all of the delicacies and avoiding all political discussions. Nail tape and two colors of choice are used to make this extremely easy, yet adorable diagonal pattern.

Orange You’re lucky, Coffin Nails

army green nails

Bring these stylish and traditional coffin nails to Thanksgiving dinner, painted with Bio Seaweed’s Orange You Glad polish, and deliver appropriate knock-knock jokes to your relatives. Aren’t you pleased we’re here to assist you in socializing?

Nails with plaid patterns

thanksgiving nail ideas

Who’d have guessed Grandma’s Thanksgiving tablecloth would be the inspiration for your next manicure? If the straight lines are giving you the creeps, apply some nail tape and a detail brush to blend your nails into the table in no time.

My Pie Nails, Oh My

fall nail ideas

Pay respect to the Thanksgiving food’s best-of-the-best. Save yourself the time and trouble of hand painting by using this nail stamping plate. That time and effort may be spent on making this year’s pies delicious. Remember to keep the cinnamon to a minimum.

Thanksgiving Nails with Flowers

nail art designs

These hand-painted flower nails are the most challenging design on the list, but they’re just too lovely to pass up. This design, which was created entirely by hand, is something to strive towards. Perhaps you could rehearse in the time between the first and second dinners?

Apple Pie Nails That Have Been Deconstructed

nail designs 2021

There are a lot of pie-themed nails out there, but these deconstructed apple pie ones caught our attention. They’re the apple of our eye if you will. Recreate this outfit to show your love of pie and appreciation for the process.

Nails Inspired by Pumpkin Pie

nail designs pictures

We’ve always been advised to dress for the job we desire, and now we want to eat pumpkin pie as if it were our work. This stamping plate and a pumpkin orange-colored lacquer were used to make these pumpkin pie nails. We’ll be waiting for a job offer call with bated breath.

Ombré Nails for Thanksgiving

november nail colors

These ombre nails are ideal for a classy Thanksgiving, such as the one hosted by our snobbish uptown aunt. Apply a nude base color, then mix the top color halfway down the nail using a makeup sponge.

If the ombré intimidates you, watch the video below for a lesson. Use a nail art brush to create a tiny gold line at the cuticle for the gold lining.

Thanksgiving Nails in a Minimalist Style

fall coffin nails

Try these simple jewel-toned manicures if you drank too much on Thanksgiving Eve. Choose whichever colors speak to you, but don’t heed if they’re asking you to get in the car and drive over state borders.

As we all know, the festival is extremely important in our lives, so we all set aside our memories and began our new day with renewed vigor and enthusiasm, as this was the most important day of our lives. Girls, Mothers, and Sisters, you may use this page of easy Thanksgiving nail art ideas to help you paint your nails. To view each image of Thanksgiving nail designs in a larger right box window, click on it.

That was all the information we have about Thanksgiving nail art ideas for you. This page is one we hope you will like. If so, please share it with your friends on social media. Stay in touch with us and let us know what you think in the comments section below. May God shower you with joy and love on this special day. Happy Thanksgiving in the year 2023!!

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