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Peacemaker Season 2 and the Weird Superheroes We Want to See Next

When it was first announced, nobody could have imagined that Peacemaker would become one of the most well-regarded aspects of not just the DCU but also in the pantheon of DC adaptations. Based on an obscure Charlton Comics character and a supporting character in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker seemed like the oddest pick to earn his own series. Yet it won audiences over with great characters, clever and heartwarming scripts, a career-redefining performance by John Cena, and one of the greatest opening credits of all time.

Peacemaker was given a season 2 renewal shortly before season 1 ended, and the news that James Gunn will now be co-running DC Studios, it now has elevated Peacemaker from just an off-shoot of the DCU to a major player in terms of franchise management. Peacemaker season 1 pulled from DC Comics’ vast history to showcase obscure heroes and villains like Judomaster, Vigilante, and White Dragon and reimagine them to work in terms of the series. With season 2 on the horizon here are some odd DC characters we would love to see in Peacemaker season 2.



Bat-Mite was first mentioned in Peacemaker season 1 and while just a fun comedic reference it blew the minds of fans that this character was referenced in the DCU at all. Created by writer Bill Finger and artist Sheldon Moldoff in 1959, Bat-Mite is a fifth-dimensional imp who dresses up as Batman and is such a massive fan of the caped crusader he will make situations for the hero to get out of to see him in action. Bat-Mite possesses near-limitless magical abilities.

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While it may seem hard to imagine this inherently silly character interacting with the dark brooding Ben Affleck Batman of the DCU, with rumors of the franchise getting a slight reboot with the release of The Flash, Bat-Mite could be paired with Michael Keaton’s more veteran and long term serving Batman.

As for a role in Peacemaker, it could be a simple cameo or even a full-blown appearance. Griffin Newman, the star of Amazon’s The Tick and co-host of the popular podcast Blank Check With Griffin and David, recently through his name in the ring to play Bat-Mite following James Gunn’s appointment to head of the DCU. Following his wonderful voicework playing Orko on Masters of the Universe: Revelations, it feels like the time is right for Bat-Mite to join the series with the right actor just waiting for a call.

Detective Chimp

While some would want to see Peacemaker team up with The Question, given both heroes served as the inspiration for Watchmen characters, there is another detective that is more fitting to the Peacemaker’s supporting cast: Detective Chimp.

Created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, Detective Chimp is a chimpanzee who has been experimented on where he possesses the ability to speak and works as a detective, even wearing a deerstalker cap like Sherlock Holmes. Detective Chimp has been a member of teams like Justice League Dark and the Shadowpact, Detective Chimp is a fan favorite that has been ignored for far too long. With how well Gunn pulled off Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy and King Shark in The Suicide Squad, Detective Chimp seems too perfect to pass up.

The character even organically fits with developments from Peacemaker, as the comics revealed he was experimented on by microscopic aliens similar to the butterflies in season 1 of Peacemaker who also engineered a gorilla. Detective Chimp could be the last surviving experiment who joins Peacemaker’s Task Force X.

Lori Lemaris

Lori Lemaris is often known among fans as Superman’s mermaid girlfriend. Created in 1959, the character was originally introduced as one of Superman’s first girlfriends who was secretly a mermaid. A pretty out their concept, the character has had sporadic appearances through DC Comics but has never quite been given the spotlight. While she would likely never make it into a Superman movie, and the Aquaman films already have a vast array of characters to draw from Lori might fit in well with the oddballs of the Peacemaker cast.

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Lori would tie Peacemaker to both the Aquaman films and the Atlantis mythology, and instead of being a Superman love interest, she could be one for Peacemaker. With how many jokes Peacemaker made about Aquaman having sex with a fish, it would be humorously ironic if he fell for a mermaid.

The Wonder Twins

The Wonder Twins being introduced in Peacemaker could be a chance to salvage a lost project. The Wonder Twins are an alien shape-shifting duo that was created for The All-New Super Friends Hour and have since become part of DC Comics. They were set to get there on HBO Max film with KJ Apa and Isabel May in the lead roles but the Wonder Twins was canceled following the Warner Bros. Discovery deal.

While the Wonder Twins might not get their own movie, they are an iconic part of DC history that would fit the comedic angle of Peacemaker, with plenty of jokes that could be made about the traditionally mocked superhero duo. There is even a nice connection to season 1 of Peacemaker when the lead character insults the stars of Riverdale, which features KJ Apa as Archie Andrews.


Bulleteer is based on the Fawcett Comics character Bulletgirl, who was a supporting player to Bulletman. Bulleteer was created by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. Her origin story involves her gaining indestructible skin that bonds with her but kills her scientist husband. She later discovers her husband had a large superhero fetish including having an affair with a superhuman porn star.

Her backstory is a rather mature one in terms of traditional DC superheroes and would fit the hard R-rated setting Peacemaker and would make for a fun contrast to have the character Peacemaker grapple with the insecurity of not being the strongest superhero on his team.

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