What’s Up in Michigan This Weekend: Pumpkins, Hayrides & More

What’s Up in Michigan This Weekend Pumpkins, Hayrides & MorePin

There is suddenly a chill in the air after a protracted, scorching summer. In Mid-Michigan, autumn has officially arrived! Here are some enjoyable activities you may do around Lansing throughout the weekend of September 23–25, 2022.



Pumpkinfest will be available to campers at Van Buren State Park in South Haven from Friday through Sunday (September 23-25). There are enjoyable fall activities for kids and people of all ages, including a competition to decorate campsites in the style of Halloween.

Proud Lake Recreation Area Harvest Festival

Proud Lake Recreation Area Harvest FestivalPin

The annual Harvest Festival at Proud Lake Recreation Area in Commerce Township is intended to include hayrides, bonfires, and other activities. This event is exclusive to campers and includes trick-or-treating, a Halloween costume contest, and fall crafts.

Midland Antique Festival

Midland Antique FestivalPin

Saturday and Sunday are set aside for the Midland Antique Festival (September 24-25). At the Midland County Fairgrounds, around 1000 antique sellers set up shops to sell their old goods. Along with superb Michigan-made goods of all types, you may discover coin and sports collectibles, shabby chic, and hefty industrial artifacts.

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Skeletonfest Kickoff Party

Skeletonfest Kickoff PartyPin

On Saturday, September 24, the Skeletonfest Kickoff Party will take place in the background of downtown Marshall. The DeVine & Co. Fall Market, a Flea Market and Antique Show at Cornwell’s, and the Marshall Moose End of Summer Pig Roast are all concurrent events.

Cadillac Fall Festival

Cadillac Fall FestivalPin

Be not deceived! The Cadillac Fall Festival will be hosted at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners on Friday, September 23, and Saturday, September 24, and you don’t have to go to Cadillac to enjoy it (near Interlochen). The event, which also serves as a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Kalamazoo and the Cadillac Museum, brings together and celebrates Cadillacs from 1903 to the present.

Michigan Renaissance Festival

Michigan Renaissance FestivalPin

There are just two weekends left to enjoy Holly’s Michigan Renaissance Festival! The theme for this weekend is “Harvest Huzzah.” There will be a BBQ competition as well as an archery tournament.

Grand Haven Hispanic Heritage Fiesta

Grand Haven Hispanic Heritage FiestaPin

Up through Saturday, September 24, the Grand Haven Hispanic Heritage Fiesta is still going on. You may expect to find cuisine, music, and entertainment with a Hispanic influence, culminating on Saturday with a fiesta at Central Park in Grand Haven.

Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival

Hell's Half Mile Film & Music FestivalPin

Downtown Bay City is currently hosting the Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival until Sunday (September 25). The event offers independent music, somber documentaries, offbeat humor, and stirring drama.

Confluence Fest Grand Rapids

Confluence Fest Grand RapidsPin

On Friday and Saturday, September 23-24, Studio Park in downtown Grand Rapids will host Confluence Fest. There will be many musical performances as well as a presentation of innovative local businesses leading the way in gaming technology. The Maker Event showcases both artists and craftspeople, and there is also an expo for upcoming innovators.



We’re all lying in one way or another when we claim that this is our favorite time of year.

PSL Are Better Than Apple Cider

PSL Are Better Than Apple CiderPin

Why aren’t pumpkin spice lattes available all year round if they are the better option? Who, no matter the season, never leaves our side? who? Apple cider, that is.

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It Doesn’t Rain That Much

It Doesn't Rain That MuchPin

Yes, repeat that to yourself. One moment it feels like summer, and the next you wish you had packed your umbrella and that additional layer.

We Don’t Mind Raking

We Don't Mind RakingPin

You most certainly don’t love raking the leaves unless you’re a cute youngster who likes to jump in them. It’s an ongoing project. You just spent a few hours raking, and now you have to start from scratch due to the wind and rain.

We Love Wearing Layers

We Love Wearing LayersPin

Yes, up to the point when you leave work and attempt to take off your layers in the parking lot because it is unbearably hot outdoors.

Winter Isn’t Coming

Winter Isn't ComingPin

I’m sorry to be the one to deliver terrible news, but I must. No matter how hard you try, you cannot stop it.

The Leaves Are Always Pretty

The Leaves Are Always PrettyPin

Yes, while they are still hanging on the tree and are dry. Not when you exit the restroom and they are completely drenched and clinging to your boots like a piece of toilet paper.

Fall Weather Exists

Fall Weather ExistsPin

This is painful, but it’s so accurate. We could be fortunate enough to have the chilly, crisp fall weather for a few weeks. Cold winds, rain, and even snow are the prominent features of fall.

Not Having Enough Blankets

Not Having Enough BlanketsPin

Your wall-mounted ladder rack and the basket in the corner with six blankets in it/on it both prove the contrary.

The Bees Won’t Bug Me at the Orchard

The Bees Won't Bug Me at the OrchardPin

I’m sorry to break it to you, but bees can’t be trusted to take care of themselves. They’ll be on you like white on rice as soon as you crack open that cider jug.

Pumpkin Carving Won’t Take Long

Pumpkin Carving Won't Take LongPin

It will take you at least an hour to carve a pumpkin unless you just want to do a simple smiley. Stop deceiving yourself.

The Apple Orchard Won’t Be Packed

The Apple Orchard Won't Be PackedPin

On the way there, you can try to convince yourself that you’ll be the only one, but you know it’s a lie. Oh, I didn’t expect it to be this busy, I can hear it now. You did, you did.

Spooky Season Starts in September

Spooky Season Starts in SeptemberPin

But does it really? The first day of fall doesn’t arrive until the end of September, despite your best efforts to persuade everyone that it does, and people will cling to summer for as long as they can.

I Won’t Drink Too Much at the Tailgate

I Won't Drink Too Much at the TailgatePin

Everyone who has claimed this is false. I know most of us have been here before. It’s completely OK as long as you don’t drink and drive and arrange for a safe ride home.

I Don’t Need a Jacket

I Don't Need a JacketPin

Grab the jacket. You’ll thank me and yourself later.

Missing the Smell of Bonfires

Missing the Smell of BonfiresPin

Do you really though? Do you miss having to wash your hair three times to get the smell of bonfire out of it, because I know I don’t.

Latest Stories

11 Reasons Why Fall is Michigan’s Best Season

Of all the seasons Michigan experiences, fall is unquestionably the best. Check out these explanations for why Michigan’s finest season falls if you still need persuading.

  • Fall Flavors
Fall FlavorsPin

Fall brings out awesome flavors that don’t necessarily stick around all year long.

  • Fall Flavors
Fall FlavorsPin

Apple cider is the star of the show when it comes to classic fall flavors.

  • Fall Flavors
Fall FlavorsPin

Basic or not, is it really fall without pumpkin spice flavor? Pumpkin spice is one of those yummy flavors that only come out around this time of year.

  • Fall Flavors
Fall FlavorsPin

Whether you call it hot chocolate or hot cocoa, hot chocolate is definitely suited for fall!

  • Cooler Weather
Cooler WeatherPin

No more sticky, sweaty skin. Fall is the start of cooler and crisper weather.

  • Sweater Weather
Sweater WeatherPin

I might as well live in sweaters. Sincerely, I wouldn’t mind if it were “sweater weather” the entire year. Is there anything more pleasant than getting dressed in a cozy sweater on a chilly October morning?

  • Hoodie Season
Hoodie SeasonPin

Perhaps “hoodie season” is the only thing that can compete with “sweater weather.” Even if it is the same time of year, something is comforting about wrapping up in a hoodie and putting the hood up against the wind. The extra-large pocket also stores additional goodies for the tailgate.

  • No Mosquitoes
No MosquitoesPin

My blood is essentially an open bar at a mosquito wedding, I don’t know about you guys. I always get eaten alive, no matter how much insect spray I wear or even if I’m completely covered. I’ve had a really difficult summer, which is why I’m eagerly anticipating this fall since there won’t be any more mosquitoes!

  • Football Season
Football SeasonPin

Football season is here, so don your lucky jersey and get ready to support your favorite team! Nothing compares to cheering for your team to victory while having a fantastic time with friends and excellent cuisine.

  • Tailgating

It’s practically a tradition in the United States to tailgate before watching your favorite football team play their opponents. A tailgate wouldn’t be complete without food, beverages, and outdoor activities.

  • Nature’s Beauty
Nature's BeautyPin

Particularly in Michigan during the fall, Mother Nature is quite magnificent. Take a look at this image of Tahquamenon Falls in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan instead of taking my word for it. Just take a moment to admire the majestic beauty of the many tree leaves. The splendor that Michigan delivers in the fall is far more beautiful than this. To experience it for yourself, plan a journey down Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees on route M-119.

  • Cozy Season
Cozy SeasonPin

I’m eagerly anticipating September when it will be cold enough to curl up on the sofa without melting. Simply grab a blanket, some pajamas, and a mug of your favorite hot beverage, and voilà, level 100 of cozy is unlocked.

  • Heating Bill Goes Down
Heating Bill Goes DownPin

Who doesn’t enjoy making savings? In Michigan, fall is the ideal time to do it. You may just open the windows and enjoy the breeze without turning on the heat or the air conditioning. And just observe how your utility costs decrease in the fall.

  • Fun Fall Exclusive Activities
Fun Fall Exclusive ActivitiesPin

Like other seasons, fall has some activities that are better or that are only possible during this time of year, such as visiting a cider mill. Fall is apple season, so cider mills are producing an abundance of apple-related goods including pies, donuts, hard cider, and more.

  • Fun Fall Exclusive Activities
Fun Fall Exclusive ActivitiesPin

Corn mazes are another autumn-only amusement. They’re a terrific pastime for smaller children or for those who prefer not to experience the terror of haunted houses.

  • Fun Fall Exclusive Activities
Fun Fall Exclusive ActivitiesPin

Hayrides are yet another autumnal tradition! Simply recline, gather your pals, and prepare to unwind while enjoying the fall scenery. Alternatively, if it’s a frightening hayride, get ready to get alarmed!

  • Spooky Season
Spooky SeasonPin

Only the beginning of the scary season is fall. You may watch a frightening movie or go to a haunted house over the entire fall season to get your pants terrified off.

  • Spooky Season
Spooky SeasonPin

Without Halloween, what frightening season in the fall would be complete? On Halloween, there will be scares, candy, and costumes for everyone.