Is Meghan Markle ‘playing gambit’ for a US takeover?

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The UK has accused Meghan Markle of taking part in a scheme to “reabsorb” the US.

This shocking assertion has been made on social media by some who believe Meghan Markle’s move to the US was planned to “allow” the “reabsorption” of both nations.

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Before the parents of three even were married, the first conspiracy theory, which centered based on their connection, appeared.

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In 2017, a Twitter user asked the question, “What if one grows up to be president and is next in line for the throne at the same time?” Here, the British are taking a big risk, but it pays off. They want to restore America using this strategy.

According to this claim, Meghan Markle had gotten “much happier news, and this is where I believe she really comes into her own,” as said to the media by novelist Loraine Kelly. She recently had a magazine interview. She and Prince Harry have also spoken against the abortion bans in several American areas.

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It raises the issue of whether she will enter politics since this is where, in my opinion, she thrives.

When Russell Myers entered the conversation, he added, “Absolutely.” It has been claimed for a while that Prince Harry and Meghan relocated to the US. They have the necessary financial and personal freedom from the royal family to discuss political issues.

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Given that she hinted that we would soon be visiting Washington, D.C., does Meghan have any political ambitions? She, in my opinion, does. She hangs around with the right crowd and makes the right noises, so at times it would not seem as ludicrous that she might run for office.