Brandon Staley : Justin Herbert is “OK,” with an abdominal injury

Justin Herbert is “OK,” with an abdominal injuryPin

In the second half of Thursday’s defeat to the Chiefs, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert sustained a significant blow to the midriff. According to the rules, he only missed one play before continuing.

Whatever the damage was or is, it had an impact on him. On the sideline, he was pointing at a spot on his torso’s left side. At one point, while feeling uncomfortable, he declined the chance to run for a first down.

After the game, coach Brandon Staley told reporters that Justin Herbert is “OK” and that he doesn’t anticipate the injury to be a problem moving forward, according to Daniel Popper of Brandon Staley said Herbert had a stomach ailment, maybe ribs.

After the game, Herbert did not address the media because he was having X-rays.

Before facing the Jaguars in Week Three, Herbert gets three additional days. There is something that, at the very least, requires time to heal. Will Herbert finally be late? Only time will tell.

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