First look at Justin Hartley’s return to television from This Is Us

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The new Quantum Leap reboot has a cameo appearance by This Is Us actor Justin Hartley.

Following the debut of the first episode, NBC published a season trailer. In it (below), we see Raymond Lee’s Dr. Ben Song changing into the body of a young lady called Eva while Jake, played by Justin Hartley, is in the middle of proposing to her.

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It has been revealed, according to TVLine, that Jake is a bounty hunter.

He holds up a ring box and asks: “What do you say, baby? Make it a formality?” Ben naturally freaks out in the mirror, though.

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Jake will be appearing in the science fiction program Quantum Leap next month, along with the actor’s real-life wife Sofia Pernas, so fans of the show won’t have to wait too long to meet him.

Hartley played Green Arrow before Stephen Amell became successful on This Is Us.

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The actor previously recalled his time on Smallville, telling Entertainment Weekly: “This arc they had planned for me was [originally] four or six episodes. Then he was scheduled to leave. Fortunately, the viewers of the show adored this character. He spoke extensively.

It “became like an integral part of the program and I’m proud of it,” he said. “When you saw that episode and you saw when Oliver came on and how he connected with Clark and what he brought out in Clark and how he drove Clark in a route where we know he’s headed – Superman.

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I remember thinking, “We have a show about Superman but we don’t have a character on the show that is in costume,” so it was kind of cool. It was really important to dial that character in a way that was fairly accurate to the way he was in the comics. And it was the first time, I think, on that show where you had a guy in a costume.