James Blunt was among the final mourners to see The Queen lying in state

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Yesterday, James Blunt and his wife, Sofia Wellesley, joined the line of mourning.

James Blunt was one of the last mourners to see the Queen as she lay in state before her burial today. Yesterday, Blunt and his wife, Sofia Wellesley, joined the line of mourning.

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The BBC Line of Duty star Daniel Mays also waited in line. He tweeted, “11 hours of queueing yesterday to pay our respects to the Queen for her wonderful 70 years of service.”

“It was fantastic to be a part of the love, kindness, talks, beautiful vistas, and sense of community. It made me feel happy to be a Londoner and a Brit. “

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Yesterday, many in the line that passed by snapped pictures of James and his wife. Famously, the You’re Beautiful singer served in the British Army’s Life Guards regiment as a reconnaissance officer.

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He was photographed standing in line to pay his respects while donning a suit. One tweet stated, “Hey @JamesBlunt, you made some incredibly dedicated @scouts who have been volunteering and #doingtheirduty to HM The Queen’s #lyinginstate day today.”

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Being grateful and nice matters, it continued. In a funny reply to a tweet announcing his presence in the line, James made a joke about offering to sing for the audience and then being escorted to the front.