Hugh Sheridan Wins Over The Footy World With a ‘Bold’ National Anthem Act

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Everyone was talking about Hugh Sheridan brash expression when singing the national anthem before the Collingwood-Sydney final.

Hugh Sheridan has stolen the show as Sydney and Collingwood were set to square off for a spot in the Grand Final in front of a boisterous maximum crowd at the SCG.

Sheridan is arguably best remembered for playing Ben in the movie Packed to the Rafters, which earned him four Logies for Most Popular Actor while also showcasing his amazing vocal range in front of a raucous audience.

Before the game, Sheridan performed the national anthem, and he certainly didn’t pass up the chance to stand out with his attire.

Hugh SheridanPin

Sheridan was dressed in a stylish silk green suit that undoubtedly drew onlookers’ attention.

The anthem is sung by Hugh Sheridan to get things going.

Let’s go!
— AFL (@AFL) September 17, 2022

What do you think of Hugh Sheridan’s suit?, tweeted SMH Sports writer Vince Rugari. The razzle-dazzle

“More Hugh Sheridan please in his Daryl Braithwaite/Sherbet green silk outfit,” Francis Leach continued.

Everyone tweeting about Hugh Sheridan’s suit can’t just dump something without a photo, according to Joey Lynch of ESPN.

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“Hugh Sheridan backing the umpires this arvo!” said Nine’s Mark Gottlieb.

Hugh Sheridan has some pipes on him, and I had no clue Hugh Sheridan could sing. among other comments that were astounded by Sheridan’s voice. He was fantastic! the performance of national anthem that was performed was the most stirring all year.

Sheridan has long been a versatile artist. In 2021, she came out as non-binary in an Instagram post, months after saying they are attracted to both men and women.

They participated in this season of The Masked Singer and released a 2009 CD called Speak Love. They have also been in several theatre productions throughout the years.

Sheridan didn’t finish his task for the evening with his performance of the national anthem.

In an intriguing departure from the song that is often played during the quarter-time breaks at the SCG, he made an appearance on a stage in the audience at quarter time to sing an acoustic rendition of Neil Diamond’s timeless song Sweet Caroline.

Oh my… Hugh Sheridan belting out Sweet Caroline 😂

— Pat M (@mistermouse666) September 17, 2022

Fans have so far praised Sheridan’s performance, which enthralled the large, energized crowd.

Although red and white predominated the crowd, there was also a healthy amount of black and white, creating a vibrant atmosphere for the crucial game.

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