How Is Nick Kyrgios: Age, Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, And Much More

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Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios, a professional tennis player from Australia, is a member of the Kyrgios family. Nick Kyrgios attained his all-time-high ATP singles ranking of No. 13 on October 24, 2016.

He has reached eleven finals, including a Masters 1000 final at the 2017 Cincinnati Masters and a major final at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships. Seven ATP Tour singles championships, including the 2019 and 2022 Washington Open, have been won by him.

Kyrgios, a contentious tennis player, is infamous for his “epic displays of yelling, racquet-wrecking, and trash-talking” when competing.
More fines have been issued to him than to any other player in ATP history, according to tennishead magazine. He has engaged in verbal battles, cursed, broken his racquet, and insulted the audience, the officials, his opponents, and his supporters.

There is a tonne of information on Nick Kyrgios on this page, including his age, his fortune, and a tonne of other details.

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About Nick Kyrgios

Age – 27

Marital Status – Unmarried

Spouse – None

Residence – Canberra

Nationality – Australia

Endorsements – Yonex, Nike, Beats, IMG, Global Sporting Connections

The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios has one of the greatest serves to ever grace a tennis court. His second service, which is fast and surprising, might be just as deadly as his first. He frequently surpasses 220 kph on the first serve and 200 kph on the second.

Kyrgios also boasts a powerful forehand. The Australian’s forehands are among the hardest in recent memory, and his flat forehand is particularly challenging to return. He can, however, also use heavy topspin on his forehand to push his opponent off the court and set up a straightforward volley.

Kyrgios’ backhand, which he hits with a quick swing and minimal spin, is one of his biggest weaknesses. His opponents could be able to take advantage of his movement because he is not the fastest player on the court.

Another area where Kyrgios usually suffers is his return, as he finds it difficult to break the serve of his opponent. The response volleys he is renowned for hitting are already legendary, and his net play is quite good. Kyrgios also excels at making effective use of his hard slice and well-guarded drop shot.

Personal Life of Nick Kyrgios

Greek Orthodox Christian Kyrgios has three pendants—a cross, a tennis racquet, and a piece of jade—hanging from a gold cross that adorns his torso. The cross is also worn by his father.

Kyrgios is a keen fan of both the Boston Celtics of the NBA and Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League. Kyrgios supports the North Melbourne Football Club in the Australian Football League.

Kyrgios has maintained a vegan diet ever since there were catastrophic bushfires in Australia at the beginning of 2020.

Nick Kyrgios’s Dating

Kyrgios formerly had an on-again, off-again relationship with Australian-Croatian tennis player Ajla Tomljanovi. He dated Chiara Passari in 2020; they broke up in late 2021 when officers had to mediate an altercation between them in a hotel room.


Kyrgios was charged with common assault in 2022 for allegedly grabbing Passari in December 2021 and was given until August 2, 2022, to appear in court in Australia. The incident was initially reported to police in December 2021.

In May 2022, Kyrgios announced his engagement to blogger Costeen Hatzipourganis.

What is Nick Kyrgios’ age?

In the Australian city of Canberra on April 27, 1995, Nick Kyrgios was created. This year, he will turn 27 years old.

Despite having spent his early adolescent years playing basketball, he decided to focus all of his time and efforts on tennis when he was 14 years old.

At the Australian Open in 2013, he won the boys’ singles event.

What is Nick Kyrgios’ height?

Nick Kyrgios is regarded as one of the players that stands the highest on the ATP Tour. He stands 1.95 meters tall, or 6 feet 4 inches.

He weighs 187 liberos, according to his ATP Tour website. He uses his right hand, which is his dominant hand, to play a two-handed backhand.

Why doesn’t Nick Kyrgios have a coach?

Nick Kyrgios is not currently partnered with any coaches. At the 2018 Wimbledon, Kyrgios said the following during a press conference:

Nobody understands my tennis better than I do, and I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do. I watch a lot of tennis, so I am well aware of my opponents’ weaknesses.

It’d be that all I need is one more team member who can put me at ease.

Achievements of Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios has a total of six ATP championships on his resume. In Tokyo, Atlanta, and Marseille in 2016, he captured six titles. Only on hard courts could he find success. At the 2017 Cincinnati Masters, Kyrgios came in third place.

In the 2018 Brisbane International, Kyrgios triumphed for the first time on his home court. His other two ATP triumphs were in Acapulco and Washington, D.C.


Kyrgios reached the championship match at the Wimbledon Championships in 2022, which was his biggest Grand Slam achievement. In the final, he was defeated by the Serb Novak Djokovic and lost in four sets.

He also won the doubles match at the Australian Open in 2022 with fellow Australian, Thanasi Kokkinakis, earning him his first Grand Slam triumph.

2022 Nick Kyrgios Net Worth

Nick Kyrgios has earned an incredible total of $11,823,860 in singles and doubles tournament prizes. Additionally, he has endorsement deals with companies like Nike, Yonex, and Beats.

According to Sportskeeda, the Australian is claimed to have a net worth of $15 million, which includes his magnificent home in Canberra, which is located in Australia.