Viral Britt Barbie and Baby Tate TikTok ‘Period Ahh’ has fans begging for a full song

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Rapper Baby Tate and Tik Tok celebrity Britt Barbie collaborated to make a popular video. Fans of Baby Tate can’t wait to hear her perform Britt Barbie’s song “Period Ahh, Period Uhh” in its entirety.

TikTok Rapper Baby Tate covered a few of the bars that Britt Barbie shared on TikTok from her song Period Ahh, Period Uhh.

Although Baby Tate’s duet with another rapper may have been an isolated incident, fans are clamoring for a longer version of the song from the rapper.

In addition to the TikTok version, Britt Barbie has previously published a full-length version of this song.

The song by Britt Barbie also didn’t appear anywhere. She repeated the sentence in a previous TikTok that went popular, which inspired her to develop this into a whole tune.

How did the now-viral Britt Barbie song start?

Britt Barbie gained popularity for her TikTok video in which she concluded each sentence with the words “Period Ahh.”

after the success of her first video. Barbie shared a TikTok video in which she alternated between repeating the sentence and adding a slightly different, “Period Uhh.”

When this video went viral, TikTok became so popular that Baby Tate noticed.

She came up with a duet, which only served to increase the popularity of Britt Barbie’s song.

According to audience reactions, Baby Tate nailed her duet, and her performance of Britt Barbie’s song merits recording a complete version.

The only thing from Baby Tate that we have seen so far is this tweet making fun of Britt Barbie’s now-famous line.

Barbie has experienced viral fame before, though. She gained notoriety earlier this year on TikTok for stating she was unaware that her hair sprang from the top of her head.

According to the title of the re-uploaded video from Britt Barbie, the account from which she first submitted the content was deleted.

It’s unclear whether Baby Tate will be able to produce her version of the song, even if she wanted to, given that she has already published a whole version of “Period Ahh Period Uhh” outside of TikTok.

That does not, however, exclude a partnership between these two artists. Who knows what could occur?

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