As Demand Soars In Advance Of The Queen’s Funeral, Black Hats Are In Short Supply In Stores; Even Beatrice Is Impacted.


Due to increasing demand before the Queen’s burial, black hats are in short supply at retailers; even Beatrice is affected.

Princess Beatrice has turned away from a high-end retailer empty-handed due to a dearth of black hats in London.

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When there was less than a week before the burial, the black “pillbox” became one of London’s most sought-after things.

According to the official invites, women among the more than 2,000 guests are required to wear headpieces and accessories.

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The bulk of London’s main merchants had run out of acceptable hats, even though many guests had flown from outside of the country and had expected they could readily buy one.

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Beatrice tried her luck at Fenwick on Bond Street last week, but she had no success.

A source claimed that neither the shop floor nor the stockroom had anything the customer could use.

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A frantic customer spent a lot of money on a costly black hat with small crystals, which she intends to take off to adhere to the dress code.

When Princess Beatrice tried to buy a black hat, she was unsuccessful. She left Fenwick of Bond with nothing because there weren’t any black hats available in London. Following the publication of the funeral date, demand for the black “pillbox” skyrocketed.